What is FETus?

    FETUS is a 3 years project joining French and Japanese teams. French parterns are funded by ANR (French Research Agency) and Japanese parterns are funded by JST (Japanese Science and Technology Agency).
    The project began in 2010 and will last 3 years.

    The ambitious objectives of the FETUS project are:

    • Develop new fetus models and new pregnant woman models based on Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound images that can be used in numerical dosimetry
    • Develop new tools to deform models in order to create new postures taking into account the anatomical deformations of the fetus and maternal tissues encountered with new usages and new wireless technologies.
    • Assess the exposure (Specific Absorption Rate and rise of temperature) in different configurations and analyze the influence of parameters (e.g. posture, frequency).
    • Determine the uncertainty relative to the fetus exposure relative to variable configurations.

    FETUS is divided into 6 main tasks

    • TASK 1: configuration to cover
    • TASK 2: mother and fetus images segmentation
    • TASK 3: model organ deformation, insertion of fetus inside mother
    • TASK 4: source, posture and configuration modeling
    • TASK 5: exposure calculations
    • TASK 6: exposure analysis and uncertainty estimation